Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stock Tips For Today: Time To Invest in Mid Cap Stocks

The announcement is in line with budget expectations of the stock market. On Monday, the stock market refers to a purchase. CNX Midcap index in a bull reached its highest level. Somawar new peak of 13 330 in the business made Midcap Index. Market experts believe that the stock market rally and investors will continue to buy the selected mid-cap stocks large returns are possible in the coming days.

Why is the time to bet on mid-cap stocks
Head of Maystok Uppal says Lokesh Increased budget spending on infrastructure is expected to select midcap companies large order. This increase in corporate earnings. So few companies can show greater growth.
Bonanza Portfolio AVP Puneet Kinra after the budget declined significantly in mid and small-cap stocks. Indeed, most traders were busy in understanding the impact of the budget and put them in a safe bet on stocks of large companies. Therefore brokerage houses mid- and small-cap stocks such bets are advising.
Credit Suisse report, despite the slowdown in FII investors are expected to be in the market continues to be strong. FII investments budget will rely on India. The state governments are spending good in the first year for the consumption sector will be huge positive. Own large returns in these select midcap stocks

Stock Tips For Today:

PI Industries Buy
The stock is at Ambit Capital investment advice. Brokerage house is good for the budget sector agri input. According to Ambit Capital, the corporate tax reduction will benefit companies like the PI Industries. The company pays 30 per cent corporate tax. PI Industries made in the budget on the business impact of this measure could be better.

Buy Container Corporation
IDFC Securities investment advice in the Container Corporation. Brokerage house in the carriage of goods by railway infrastructure improvements will take less. The government continues to focus on dedicated freight corridors. 119 per cent increase in the budget has been increased to Rs 9,300.

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