Friday, October 5, 2012

NSE Triggerd Lower circut- Nifty For Tomorrow: 8th Oct

National Stock Exchange (NSE) in the cash segment circuit due to freeze SBI , Sesa Goa , Cipla , including a 15 per cent decline in stocks has appeared Lower circuit in a single stroke Nifty was trading in the cache itself was halted at 9:50 in the morning. Nifty fell 900 points and Sensex 300 points. 10:05 am and again began trading on the NSE.
Emkay Global perturbation of the NSE is the explanation of the filter circuit 650 crore bulk order was freeze. After a 59 to a short circuit freeze order was messed up. NSE exchange that was technical flaw in the system. According to the NSE Non - Algo Traders were also short bulk orders. Emkay Global deal cut of NSE and trading is suspended. However, MK has promised to arrange for the funds. NSE SEBI together to take steps to avoid such discrepancies spoke again.

Disturbances on the NSE brokers and traders have suffered heavy losses. Experts say that the NSE deals during the morning hours should cancel 9:30-10. Acchenjon should fix your system so that small investors caught up in trouble.

Nifty For Tomorrow

Nifty has triggered lower circuit today. From here nifty is looking consolidate for the next trading session. Now Nifty has a resistance of 5820 and a crucial support at 5660. 

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