Friday, December 9, 2011

stock tips 2012|stock market view next year

Stock market view next year 2012|where stock market will go in next year,nifty view next year 2012

Year 2011 was too much voletile and we have seen lot of deep side in Indian stock market .Nifty and sensex both ahs touched maximum low site this year .We have also seen a hike of 1100 points in nifty in one single week which has been seen first time after year 2009.Though it was year of red site but then also smart investores has made money and earned in indian share market.

Stock market next year 2012(jan2011 to december 2011)

I have studied all nifty technical charts right from January to december till that and the datas which came out don't indicates good things about next week .If you will see nifty technical charts of last year you can clearly see “slow green down”which is not good signal for 2012 .

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Nifty this year has broken 5000 levels and traded in levels on 4000 mostly which was a clear down line which ia hve noticed . You can see where nifty was in 18.5.2009 we shall kiss that levels again in coming 2012 year in indian stock market nifty as well as in sensex (BSE 30 index shares) .
Nifty in 2012 In upside we can kiss levels of 6300 and at down side 4000-3700's levels is also possible anf If nifty woun't be able to sustain on this level than if will surelly touch 2500 that will be day of bye bye for NIFTY .


This year we had strong support of FMGC shares to sustain on support levels either it's nifty (NSEINDIA) or SENSEX (BSEINDIA). Next year i don't think FMGC shares will support market more . All other stocks like banking and IT sectores are already leading the red railly of STOCK MARKET.

So if you thinking for long term investment for more than one year you can surelly go for it but if you thinking for 6 months or 1 year than it can be little risky for you .

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