Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nifty Trend 14 July (Tomorrow)

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Nifty range Tomorrow 14 july .:
Nifty Range 5616--5638--5658--5674
below 5574--5558--5536--5518--5502  

This quarter earnings may not look encouraging at all. Share Market has a inflation problem. Inflation controls everything, interest rates, growth and the second headwind is the government inaction.

Valuations are not looking good at all. In fact barring handful of companies here or there, the valuations picture is not at all encouraging and if anything, the valuation is predicated on still all of us maintaining an earnings growth for the market.

This quarter may show us that analysts expectations are pretty much very optimistic. I do not think earnings growth will come through for a number of companies because there is a problem overall of the interest rate,there is a problem of margin pressure coming out of rising commodity prices and there is overall slowdown situation because of the interest rate situation.

Till November, it is going to be a very difficult period for the market. The chances to break down to me seem to be greater than the chances to break up, at least till November. Nifty (5560) could drop to 5000 that is a level where markets will surely find a base, strong support. In case of any fall below Nifty 5000 level, then investors with minimum one year horizon should buy as we may find value in quite a good number of companies. However, they should pick index outperformers at those levels .

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