Friday, April 29, 2011


Today stock market is the last trading day of April.  Any close below 5715 spot (as per Fibonacci) and 5693 spot (Wave low) may drag the Index further lower. Closing below 5693 spot (today)is even more dangerous.
Crucial nifty Resistance for today's trading : 5815 and 5845 spot. If you witness a fall from here, expect a break of Yesterday's low. 
Crucial nifty Support5740 spot.  I strongly feel that the market is sliding towards my target of  5688-5655-5640 spot.
Yesterday I expected a flat opening and expected a rally towards my target of 5865. Spot opens above 5850 and made a high of 5857 at the opening bell itself. Hence there is no question of buying......  Trading needs some exceptional thinking and calmness.... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE 

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