Monday, June 7, 2010

Todays' INTRADAY CALLS & market updates


DISHTV target 42.29, 43.50
Stop loss 38.40, 37

WELCORP target 233.90, 226
Stop loss 184, 183

STER Target 638, 634
Stop loss 650, 649

Buy ABGSHIP @ 253, target 250
Stop loss 240.80

Sell Hindalco Industries 139.80
Stop loss 147.80


The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is set to launch futures contracts in the S&P 500 Index on its platform, which will enable Indian investors to take exposure to the most-actively traded futures contract in the world.

Gold prices set new record of 19070 on Friday. Trading sentiment turned bullish after gold is overseas. Silver declines.

The Euro downs below 1.2 dollar first time since march 2006. Europe sortieing debt crises is going to speared in global market.

Today Indian and Asian market open in red. Sensex open with 16718 weekend by 398 points.

Rupee is expected to fell on Monday as euro has broken record of last four year and went down. Whereas dollar will be strengthen .

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