Monday, May 31, 2010

Introductory post


I am Janvi Kapoor I am starting this blog to keep you update with all stock market information. on the basis of my experience i'll guide you to invest your precious money in stock market.

first let me tell you what intraday trading is all about.
Intraday trading is also called short term trading . It's trading for one day, where the trader hold his position and at the same day bind up the position.

Any person who is having his D-mate account for online share trading can do intraday trading.
There are two types of D-mate account:-
1) Online d-mate account
2) Off line D-mate account

In case of online D-mate account the account holder person his self do trading directly through Internet or in case of off line D-mate account some other person do trading on behalf of account owner .

Intraday trading is very beneficial, specially for student to earn there pocket money as they don't have any other source of earning.

And all others who are already earning somewhere can multiplies there money through intraday trading.

Happy investing :) :)

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